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fingerling n : a young or small fish

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  1. A young salmon or trout

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This page refers to the fictional character. For the potato variety, see Potato.
Fingerling (Pinkeltje in Dutch) is a fictional character who appears in 29 books by Dutch author Dick Laan (1894-1973) and one book from the movie where stories were rewritten by Harrie Geelen. Fingerling is a Tom Thumb-sized gnome the size of a pinky (in fact, the English word pinky is from Dutch pink) with a stereotypical red hat and white beard, and has enormous adventures in a collection of children's stories that span over 30 years. His first appearance was in The Adventures of Fingerling (1939). Since its first publication Fingerling has sold over 3 million copies and has been translated into more than 5 different languages. 211 short stories were published in the Dutch ladies magazine Libelle. In 1978 a feature length movie was released named Pinkeltje, starring Aart Staartjes. More recently this character has several references in the Jim Carrey movie The Number 23.


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